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Ashley Krejci received Apr 10, 2024

Prayed for 0 times

please pray that my family finds housing or finds someone to help us rebuild our home as our home recently caught fire and our temporary housing time is about to run out.

An received Aug 24, 2023

Prayed for 1 times

Please pray for a good man. to get a several calls and messages with home offers for the cat whose owner lost his flat. Thanks

Anonymous received Oct 20, 2022

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Please pray for my carpal tunnel,once it gets fixed I can work full time and my power doesn't get cut off in the mean time. In Jesus name,Amen

Anonymous received Aug 18, 2022

Prayed for 2 times

Please, pray for Jason, Michele, Cale, and their families’ salvation. Jason doesn’t believe God exists. Michele doesn’t think he needs to have a personal relationship. Cale believes he should live for his pleasure. Please pray that they are saved, they return to Stacey, Tecla, and I, and we follow God together. Thank you!

Linda received Jun 12, 2020

Prayed for 3 times

Asking for prayers for our daughter Shelly McConnell she will be having thyroid surgery Monday at Community North Indy. Thank you and blessings to all

Eero received Dec 9, 2019

Prayed for 3 times

We have Christmas celebration for inner-city people. It is 12.16.2019. We ask that you pray that God saves, heals and renews a lot of people and that all go well.

Anonymous received Oct 14, 2019

Prayed for 3 times

Pray for a miracle for the family of Jay Bendes, whose daughter has been diagnosed with a grave brain cancer.

Brice received Aug 3, 2019

Prayed for 2 times

Sending prayers and good wishes to Terry Huff and his family. Not sure of Terry status but would love to speak to friends and family.

Brice received Aug 2, 2019

Prayed for 2 times

All my thoughts prayers and love to Terry Huff and his family.