We advise you to keep up to date with COVID-19 on the CDC website. Click here to access the CDC's Coronavirus webpage. Click here for MSN updates that are Indiana specific.
We encourage you to join us.  Please continue to wear masks and follow safe social distancing measures.

Continuing Activities

  • In-Person and Online Worship
  • Pastors are available by phone, text, and email
    • Pastor Corinne Boruff
      • Phone: 317-902-1843
      • Email:
    • Pastor Don Deena Johnson
      • Phone: 765-623-1508
      • Email:
  • Office open M-Th 9-4 p.m. and Fri 9-12 p.m
  • Library open M-Th 9-4 p.m. and Fri 9-12 p.m
  • Phone call check-ins will continue...FaceTime is encouraged if you're able!
  • Children and Youth Ministry continue online with weekly activities and messages
  • Worship CD's are being created and distributed to those who cannot access our virtual worship service
  • Messages of encouragement and love will continue thru newspaper ads, Facebook posts, VOICE, postcards, and website with continue regularly
  • Community Café begins again in June 6, 2021!
  • Helping Hands is currently suspended
  • Utility Assistance is happening on the second Wednesday of the month
  • Food at First is happening every Sunday!
  • House churches or small groups (6-12) for worship, discussion, or study are encouraged
  • Giving opportunities remain available on the website or by mail
  • Those at high risk are encouraged to stay home and stay safe until vaccinated!