Gene J. Brueggen

Gene J. Brueggen

Financial Officer

Favorite TV show or movie: Last of the Mohicans

Favorite book:  Bible

Favorite music or band:  For King & Country 

Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 32

Family: Wife Annie, married 35 plus years (!!) 4 adult children, all married and 6 grandchildren 

Hobbies:  Wood working, home renovation, United States travel

What led you to (and keeps you in) ministry:   Sense of purpose in my life and desire to be right where the Lord wants us and always listening for His voice.  As a result, we are currently part of a great church community in Alexandria, which is ministry I don’t intend to “retire” from this side of the grave!   

What led you to (and keeps you at) Anderson First United Methodist:  Initially the job opportunity that fits where I am in my career, but everyone I’ve met in this community has been both welcoming and loving  

What do you like most about Anderson:  Location …not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter but still all 4 seasons!  Can get to most places east of the Mississippi within a day   

What do you like most about Anderson First United MethodistAgain the people have been wonderful!