Worship Service – June 7, 2020


  1. What a wonder Service! Loved Otis Jeffries & Michele Murray “How Great Thou Art”. We have such wonderful music in our church! The bells, played by Susan Finger & Sarah & Chris Taylor was exceptional ! They are so good. The sermon was great; Corinne always knows how to get the story to us with such great examples. “Peace With Justice, We’ll Get Through This Together & This Too Shall Pass. Thanks again God for this Church & for Jesus! Amen!

  2. Thanks everyone for a wonderful service. Great to see the “new” little one joining in the service.

  3. Wonderful service…everything so appropriate for what we are experiencing in our world today. Pastor Corinne…your sermon was spot on! Love to listen to Ottis sing.. such a beautiful voice. Thanks to all who put thus service together. We are truly blessed at Anderson First.

  4. Nice job musicians today! Four in hand……pretty impressive Sue, Sarah, & Chris!! Loved the mallets postlude Matt Finger….assisted by the ‘little one.’ —-so cute. Miss you all but loved seeing you ‘in action.’

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